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www.Oncolex.org is a free, comprehensive online resource for cancer diagnostics, treatment and supportive care. It supplies health care providers worldwide with updated and detailed information on cancer care, sourced directly from acclaimed medical specialists.

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Oncolex contains extensive material for each cancer type including illustrations, animations, photos, and video footage. As a resource in continual progress, it keeps track of novel procedures and technology transforming the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment.


More than 100 cancer specialists from the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo University Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have contributed to the content of Oncolex. They are acclaimed and acknowledged clinicians with many years’ experience in surgery, patient follow-up and medical research.

Oncolex is initiated by Rikshospitalet HF in collaboration with Helse Sør-Øst, and provides access to all cancer information on one website. Free background material and updated procedures are all available for health personnel within cancer care. For the norwegian speaking audience the register for systemic cancer treatment is also available.

Why Oncolex

The National Cancer Strategy states that if we are to offer equal treatment throughout the country, each regional health enterprise must ensure that each hospital treating cancer has adequate experience and competence. Procedures which are followed should be according to updated, national standards carried out in cooperation by the experts and authorities.

As a link in such a national strategy for quality assurance of health services, Oncolex contributes to the quality assurance of treatment that patients encounter at the hospitals. The target group for Oncolex is all health personnel working within cancer care in Norway.

Because the quality of the content is the core value of Oncolex our team is constantly working to make sure our process meets the demand of both doctors and patients.

Oncolex has an editorial staff working both with technical development and content production. The medical authors in the editorial staff collaborate with the foremost experts within each cancer type so that the content presented on the website is in accordance with approved standards.

All multimedia has been custom-made in collaboration with the responsible health personnel.

Content on the Website

Oncolex contains all of the fundamental procedures within cancer diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The content is produced in collaboration with the specialists within each specialty area and is quality controlled by referees.

The procedures describe detailed background, indications, goals, preparation, procedures, observations, and follow-up with the aid of illustrations, photographs, animations, and video.

Oncolex extras

Example video from the website

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