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In silico Pathology - Improving diagnosis by utilizing Big Data and software-driven automation of pathology

Cancers are heterogeneous; one region of a tumor is not always representative of the tumor as a whole. To account for this heterogeneity, most studies would have to increase their workload by a factor of 5-10. With limited resources and strongly limited access to pathologists, this can only be achieved by digitalizing and largely automating the preparation and analysis required to render a diagnosis and identify prognostic biomarkers. This is what the DoMore! project is designed to do.

Centering on researching and developing ICT solutions to supplement or replace methods in pathology, DoMore! will increase productivity and quality and hence treatment of cancer by utilizing the Big Data produced by in silico pathology. Our goal is to completely transfer the very complex thinking and decision-making from its current basis in visual observation to a computer basis with objective, reproducible algorithms. The concepts involved are based on image analysis and more specifically: deep learning, texture analysis, and quantification of DNA. We will focus on three major cancer forms, i.e. lung, colorectal and prostate cancer, and work with large retrospective clinical materials with known outcomes.

Expected results

We expect several project results; increased efficiency in pathology, methods and markers to aid the clinician to give better and more personalized treatment to cancer patients, patents and publications, products (algorithms, applications, services, data) and spin-off companies. DoMore! will facilitate the long-awaited digitalization of pathology and establish more efficient and objective cancer prognostication that can be made equally available to all patients.


We have a team of national and international experts within many different fields, including: robotics, digital image analysis, tumor pathology, cancer surgery and oncology. By utilizing this unique combination of academic and industrial competence, we seek to radically improve prognostication and treatment of cancer.

Lighthouse project

The goal of the DoMore! project is to explore our unique combination of academic and industrial competence to radically improve prognostication and hence treatment of cancer by using digital tools for pathology. The DoMore! project was chosen as one of three Lighthouse projects, recieving funding from the Norwegian Research Council for five years, starting summer 2016.

3D graphics and website

As part of the DoMore! project, interactive graphics are created. The first models demonstrate extensive and minimal 3D reconstruction of prostate cancer. The models are created with digitised H&E stained tissue sections and configured into spatial context, visualizing the growth of different tumour populations. Each model provides information about heterogeniety in regional distribution of prostate cancer biomarkers: Gleason score, DNA ploidy and PTEN expression.

To view the 3D graphics and learn more about the DoMore! project, please go to: www.domore.no.

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