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Visual microscopy

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Pathology diagnoses are usually carried out by investigating a tissue slide under a microscope. Considering that many diagnoses require certain specialist opinions, the logistics of trained pathologists physically observing the same slide in a microscope becomes a bottleneck for streamlined patient treatment. Digital pathology can give the pathology profession the “revolution” it needs to meet many of the demands and challenges it faces. With current technology, it is possible to create IT solutions that can replace the traditional microscopes in most situations, and contribute to more objective and measurable analyses.

A group (previously the Section for Digital Pathology) at the ICGI developed one of the first systems for virtual slides, i.e. full slide digitalization, 20 years ago. Today, there are more than 10 products on the market. As a proof of concept, we have developed a viewer that works with most of these products, and that allows for easy distribution of full slide images over the web. This product is called InterPath, and special versions have been made for handheld units using IOS, Android or Microsoft.


InterPath provides a digital viewer of pathological sections.

Examples of potential areas of use are:

Interpath Viewer on all platforms

Interpath is the first imaging application for Whole Slide Images (WSI) that is natively supported on all mobile platforms. Supporting smooth multi-touch panning and zooming, it is an intuitive way to explore large pathology images. Originally Interpath was released on the iPhone, then when it was available the iPad, both just days after the hardware became available. Interpath may now be used on all mobile platforms, windows 7 and 8 included.

A video explaining Interpath for iPhone

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