Image analysis methods

This brief introduction to image analysis, explains what it is and what our Institute uses it for. This explanation is mainly for people with little knowledge about image analysis but who have a basic medical background.

Data Capture

We use both frame capture (digital microscopy) and line capture (slide scanner). Specific methods are:


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Several different visualization software tools are developed and are in use for viewing microscope images, cell galleries, scans, and graphs. Specific methods are:

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Feature Extraction

Methods for extracting geometric, densitometric, and texture features are in use. Specific methods are:

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Tissue, cell, and nuclei classification are a crucial component in most of our image analysis projects. Specific methods in use (using our own software) are:


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Data Analysis

Data from tissue, cell, and nuclei are analysed through application tools developed in-house, such as:


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Data Fusion

Data and images from different sources are combined, allowing results from one method or image source to be displayed or visualized onto images from other sources. The application developed for this purpose is MicroTracker.

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