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Tissue Micro Array

Digital handling and scoring of TMA analyses

Illustration describing the Medinsight project Illustration describing the Tissue Micro Array project


The use of TMA for research is common place. Combining TMAs with whole slide imaging provides powerful options of allowing simultaneous, remote viewing and scoring of individual punches by any number of collaborative groups and individuals.


In a TMA up to 500 biopsy samples are collected in one paraffin block. Sections of these are analyzed together, offering many benefits, such as identical treatment of all samples, and many analyses can be done on the same material.

Collection is done from morphologically representative areas in regular formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded blocks. The desired tissue in the block is localized with the help of HE-stained sections. The cylinder formed biopsies are removed from the donor block using a core needle and place in a “punch” in the recipient paraffin block. One can therefore gather hundreds of biopsies in a recipient block. The finished block is then sectioned and stained with HE or immunostaining. The finished stained TMA section is scanned in the NanoZoomer for further analysis by the pathologist/researcher.

Digitized and automated system

The challenge with TMA is managing the large number of samples on a small surface. Traditionally, pathologists do this in a microscope by manually observing which punch is which. We saw the need for a digitalized and automated system and created the TMA software for scoring and analysis of TMA. We have also developed a web version (TMA Web) where TMA’s can be shared and discussed online.

Why Use TMA Web?

Selected Features

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