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A richly illustrated Cancer Resource for patients and the general public


Since 4th February 2014, the website www.kreftlex.no has provided information on cancer treatment and care for patients and their loved ones. Specially the 3D animations have reached a large audience, and the number of registered users of the site continues to rise.

Example video from Kreftlex

It has long been evident that patients and the general public desire an online cancer resource that can accommodate their queries. Whereas Oncolex is academic, with a medical and technical vocabulary, the content in Kreftlex is intended to be accessible through the use of a straightforward language and a dictionary that explains medical terms. Illustrations and 3D animations help the readers understand cancer. Kreftlex has quickly gained in popularity, with 40.000 visits each month.


Kreftlex is a valuable tool and an important supplement to the other sources of patient information in Norway. Knowledge is vital to mastering a diagnosis, and Kreftlex enables patients to participate in the decision-making process of their treatment options.

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